Yon-Ka celebrates its 60th anniversary. To do so in style, Yon-Ka entrusts its precious LOTION to the New Zealand illustrator Nadia Flower, who expresses the brand values with poetry and refinement on a limited edition bottle.


Yon-Ka release new packaging for all Yon-Ka product lines. The new, fresher product packaging is a hit with consumers.


Yon-Ka diversify with the launch of the men's range, Yon-Ka For Men. Promises to Purify, Restore and Rejuventate.


Creation of the eSPAce Yon-Ka, at the heart of the Left Bank in Paris, an urban Spa measuring 400 square metres, which becomes the showcase of the brand.


Laboratoires Multaler sets up its headquarters just outside Paris, in Argenteuil. It equips its factory according to pharmaceutical norms: a cleanroom, ultra-sophisticated inspection material and traceability management.


Laboratoires Multaler opens its American subsidiary. The Spa market is in full expansion on the North American continent. Yon-Ka enriches its treatment palette with new beauty/well-being rituals, including the overall treatment of each individual.


Françoise and Catherine, the daughters and nieces of the founders, become the respective CEO and Managing Director of Laboratoires Multaler. Françoise is a biochemist and Catherine is a beautician. This complementarity adds a new dimension to the brand: the expertise of manual techniques. Treatments become holistic. This is a sector in which, once again, Yon-Ka is a forerunner. This also marks the beginning of the brand’s international development.


The first step in the brand’s history. Researchers add to aromatherapy, which is therapy using essential oils, the active ingredients of the entire plant. New synergies appear. The creative concept becomes integrated phyto-aromatherapy. The brand meets with success. Professionals are attracted to and convinced by the effectiveness, the power of its balancing aromas, the visible result immediately after the treatment and the reaction of the clients.


The range of products and treatments expands. Yon-Ka turns to beauticians and represents “medicine for the skin” in the mind of its clients.


New promising active ingredients, little known at the time, add to the Yon-Ka treatment range: fruit acids. In France, Yon-Ka becomes one of the first brands to successfully use these molecules.


Botany aficionados Cécile, Ernest and Charles Mühlethaler create Laboratoires Multaler, a 100% French family business. They test the therapeutic properties of essential oils on themselves and on family and friends and rapidly become pioneers in the aromatherapy field. Their first creations are designed for medical use by physiotherapists.