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We believe in a double-pronged approach: treating the skin from within. This approach is a must to successfully treat clients with a fast-paced lifestyle.

We pride ourselves not only on results but also on addressing the parasympathetic system. With a Yon-Ka treatment, the client truly de-stresses in a cocoon of heavenly ambiance.

We also promote a combination of hands-on manipulation, deep tissue, lymphatic and relaxing movement. In addition, we cater for technology-led facials such as galvanic, LED and High Frequency, ensuring that all angles are covered, and the client gets the very best results each and every time.

Yon-Ka is a well-known and successful brand and continues to produce new and exciting products and treatments to tempt your clients. The Yon-Ka brand name is synonymous with both luxury and results; the customer knows and trusts the Yon-Ka name to deliver with every treatment and retail product.