Evasion Sensorielle

Your Yon-Ka treatment steps

  • An aromatic compress
  • A vegetable exfoliation massage
  • A sensory massage with 2 fan-brushes (face and to the end of fingers)
  • A oxygenating massage-relaxation (face, neck, neckline and eye contours)
  • A tensing-firmness mask
  • Final effleurage with fan-brushes
  • An olfactory awakening

This Yon-Ka specialty touches on the skin's nerves for a radiant glow and complete harmony. The Evasion Sensorielle is a choreography that is surprisingly light and new sensations that will surprise you and take you away!


Deep relaxation and a lovely feeling of softness throughout the body. Advised for experts in sensory relaxation and anyone who is stressed or tired.

Time Length

60 Minutes

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