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How to choose the right Yon-Ka moisturiser

With so many moisturisers to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which one to use.  Using one that’s not suitable for your skin type can lead to disappointing results and there’s no one size fits all when it comes to moisturisers.  If you’re wondering how to choose the right Yon-Ka moisturiser, then read on.
9 May 2022

Tips for treating hormonal skin

Many women experience a shift in hormones during their menstrual cycles, during perimenopause and menopause, starting or weaning off the oral contraceptive pill. This means that their skin can flare up, causing unwelcome breakouts. Hormonal acne is something that a lot of women face as adults, but is something that’s manageable. Here are some tips for treating hormonal skin.
4 May 2022

Which Yon-Ka Exfoliator should you use?

Not all exfoliators are created equally and to get the maximum benefits for your skin, it’s important to choose the right one for your skin. When we exfoliate, we’re looking to get radiant, brighter, glowing skin along with unclogging our pores. But if it’s not done correctly, exfoliating could leave your skin irritated and red.  Not a good look! Learn more about the different exfoliators from Yon-Ka and which one you should be using.
12 April 2022

4 ways to get your skin ready for spring

Are you ready to spring clean your skincare? After months of dark, cold, miserable days, brighter days are here and it’s time to get your skin ready for spring. You might have worked hard on your skincare routine over the winter, but with a new season comes new skincare concerns and it’s important to set new goals and ensure you’re using the right products for your skin’s needs. Here are 4 ways to get your skin ready for spring
21 March 2022

Mother's Day gift ideas - 4 Yon-Ka treatments!

How often have you asked your Mum what she’d like for Mother’s Day, only for her to say she doesn’t need anything? We know that Mum can be hard to buy for sometimes, but we have some beautiful Yon-Ka treatments that would show her just how truly amazing she is this Mother's Day. You can find your Mum’s local Yon-Ka spa here, where you can book her in for a treatment. Here, she’ll be pampered, made to feel special, and will come away feeling relaxed, rejuvenated with even more beautiful skin!
14 March 2022

New! Yon-Ka SOS Spot Roll-on

Keep blemishes at bay with the brand new Yon-Ka SOS Spot Roll-on. We all know just how quickly a pesky blemish can appear from nowhere. This on-the-go targeted treatment is designed to give visible results within 24 hours. It also sanitises, purifies and soothes the skin too. The ultra-precise applicator means that you can apply the product directly to the blemish and allow it to start working right away.

20 February 2022

What is the Yon-Ka Quintessence?

You might have heard of Quintessence when it comes to Yon-Ka products.  It is Yon-Ka’s signature ingredient that is used in different concentrations, and contributes to the effectiveness of each product.  You might be wondering, what exactly is the Yon-Ka Quintessence?  It’s an exclusive blend of five essential oils that are 100% natural, 100% pure and 100% active.  And this blend of essential oils is at the heart of every Yon-Ka product.  Each oil has unique benefits to ensure that your skin looks healthy, soothed and revitalized.
7 February 2022

Which Yon-Ka products to use for menopausal skin

There are many different skin issues that can occur as women get older and as their hormones begin to fluctuate. During menopause, the body stops making as much collagen and elastin, leading to skin that begins to sag. Hormonal changes can also cause the skin to become dry and the skin can lose its elasticity. It's important to keep the skin hydrated to help tackle fine lines, dullness, dehydration and a lack of firmness during this time. There are some Yon-Ka products that those with menopausal skin can use to help look after the skin as the hormone levels change.
8 December 2021

How to get glowing skin this Christmas season

With the days getting colder and shorter, life getting busy with daily stressors playing havoc on our skin, it's important to keep our skin looking beautiful and glowing this festive season. It's easy for our skin to look dull and lacklustre as we reach the end of the year, but here's how to get glowing this Christmas season and keep the festive sparkle going long after December.
30 November 2021

Create an at-home spa with YonKa Aroma Fusion

If you can't get to a Yon-Ka spa at the moment, don't worry! We're going to show you how you can have a beautiful at-home spa with Yon-Ka Aroma Fusion. These products would also be an amazing gift for the beauty lover in your life too. We all deserve some pampering and the Yon-Ka Aroma Fusion collection helps you to create that zen spa atmosphere in minutes. The Aroma Fusion range consists of twelve body products with four 100% natural aromatic compositions to meet specific needs while providing balance and well-being.
19 November 2021

How to manage rosacea at home

Rosacea is a chromic inflammatory skin condition that usually presents with frequent flushing, persistent redness on the face, which can sometimes include the neck, chest and scalp. It usually occurs in those older than 30, but can be seen people younger. While there is no exact cause of rosacea yet, the symptoms can be triggered by factors like a change in temperature, stress, alcohol, exercise, sun exposure, smoking and spicy food.
9 November 2021

Yon-Ka Paris Treatments for Hydration

As each season ends and a new one begins, it's important to listen to your skin. Our skin concerns change throughout the year, and we need to amend our at-home skincare routine to tackle these concerns. While you use the products at home on a daily basis, having a seasonal consultation with a Yon-Ka therapist ensures that you're using the best products for your skin concern. They will be able to assess your skin thoroughly and help you amend your routine appropriately. If your skin is feeling dehydrated due to sun exposure, stress, illness, then booking in with a therapist for a Yon-Ka treatment for hydration is the first step on the road to helping your skin recover.
26 October 2021