Too Much Fun In The Sun!

It’s that time of year again here in Ireland. The sun is out, and as a result, so are we. Between visits to our beautiful coastal beaches, BBQ’s with friends and family, trips abroad to even sunnier locations, its safe to say some of us may be suffering from a little over-exposure!

If you’ve found yourself lying on the couch at the end of a fun-filled summer day, thinking,” What did I just do to my skin?” - you’re not alone. We’ve all been a little overexposed to those bright, tempting rays at one time or another.

In case you feel the need for a little post-sun pampering, we’ve got you covered with tips on how to rejuvenate your skin and feel a whole lot better.

Step 1 - Hydrate

I know we seem like a broken record here – but its tried and tested, time and time again – Drink lots of water! It’s simple. Water is the easiest way to keep hydrated from the inside out, as well as flush toxins from your skin when you sweat. Make sure you drink a little extra water than usual during long days out in the sun. If it slipped your mind and it’s already 6 p.m., try this this perfect post – sun, hydrating, vitamin-rich drink:

  • ½ cup sparkling water
  • ½ cup cranberry or grapefruit juice
  • 1 cup coconut water
  • 1 slice lime or lemon (optional)


It tastes like a cocktail with all the hydrating benefits your skin needs after a little sun overdose.

Step 2 – Get Clean

You’ve probably been clogging up your pores all day with sweat, leftover sunscreen, or any number of things. Take a shower right when you get home, to clear those pores out and wash off the day. Use a moisturizing body wash, since your skin is probably sensitive from those long hours in the sun. 

Step 3 – Moisturize

After your shower, try using a moisturizing lotion to rejuvenate and rehydrate your skin. IMAGE Skincare Vital C Hydrating Hand & Body Lotion is an ultra hydrating body lotion made with high percentages of Hyaluronic – the perfect infusion of water for your skin. It’s sure to leave your skin fresh, soft and radiant.

Step 4 – A sunless tan

If it’s a glowing tan you’re after, try IMAGE Body Spa Face and Body Bronzer. Get a natural, sunless tan with a rich, moisturizing crème. This cream is specially formulated for the face and has colour that builds slowly and evenly. You’re sure to look fresh and sun-kissed without having to expose your skin to an unnecessary number of harmful rays.

Step 5 – Soothe & Repair

The fact that you are reading this post, the chances are there may be some lobster – like people seeking some shade this evening. Here’s a little tip that works every time.

IMAGE Skincare Ormedic Balancing Soothing Gel Masque is the perfect product to take down any heat or redness from the skin. It also soothes, balances and rehydrates. What’s not to love? Pop it in the fridge for a few hours for that extra cooling and soothing sensation.

Our IMAGE Skincare Post Recovery Balm is another great product to apply after a little too much sun. It can be used on the face and body. A rich and nourishing complex that dramatically reduces discomfort, redness, irritation and itch.

Now that you have your steps of recovery after a long day in the sun, remember you can avoid the stinging pain, sunburns, and dryness by always wearing sunscreen and limiting your hours of direct sun exposure. Wear a hat or sit under an umbrella when you can!

Your skin will thank you later. Image Now…. Age Later.

22 June 2018