Beat the Winter Dryness and Keep that Glow!

Not only is the weather affected by the changing season, but so too is our skin! The sharp cold breeze, the warm indoor air, freezing temperatures and less humidity all combine to take the moisture from your skin.Skin can become tight, dry, patchy and sometimes dull due to all the cosy comforting cravings we love about winter – evening fires, hot showers and cosy woolly knits. Unfortunately all these luxurious winter comforts play havoc with our skin.

But there’s no need to resign yourself to dull, flaky skin – here are some tips from Yon-Ka to bring back the glow!

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I know what you are thinking – we live in Ireland and there’s no sun in winter! But ever wonder why when skiing SPF50 is always recommended? You need to protect your skin from sun and wind damage all year round. We recommend our Yon-Ka hydrating SPF25 or moisturising SPF50. The beauty of these products are that you can wear them over your favourite Yon-Ka day cream for maximum protection and hydration.

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Get rid of those dry dead skin cells and awaken your skin again with our award-winning Gommage 305. It contains carob to gently deep cleanse and dissolve the dryness while white nettle hydrates and drains the redness from winter-damaged skin.


For those suffering this winter with red flaky dry skin, Yon-Ka Nutri Defense Crème will be your saviour! This gorgeous products is rich in fatty acids omega 3,6 & 9 thanks to the cult ingredient organic inca inchi oil. With soothing shea butter grape seed oil and avocado oil, these ingredients all work together to lock in moisture and repair dry, damaged skin.

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Blog 1 image 5Say no to hot showers/baths

In this cold weather, the sounds of a steaming hot shower is heaven – but it’s torture for your skin. Water is not hydrating on the skin; to be honest, it can be the enemy if you suffer from dry skin. Hot water can strip natural oils from the skin leaving your skin feeling tight and dehydrated. Ensure your hydrating skincare efforts aren’t put to waste and turn the temperature down – your skin will thank you. I would highly recommend following any shower or bath with our Yon-Ka Body Oil – you’re in for a treat with its intense hydrating blend of essential oils that leaves your skin silky smooth.

Professional treatments

Finally, another top tip is to treat your skin to a luxury professional treatment – after all you do wear your skin every day. If you find you are really struggling to get that healthy glow during the winter months, a trained Yon-Ka specialist can lead you in the right direction. Whether it’s redness, dryness or dehydrated skin we have the solution for you. A great treatment for the winter months is the Yon-Ka Hydralessence Facial.

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4 March 2018