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Expert skin care tips from Holly White.

6 March 2018

Beat the Winter Dryness and Keep that Glow!

Not only is the weather affected by the changing season, but so too is our skin! The sharp cold breeze, the warm indoor air, freezing temperatures and less humidity all combine to take the moisture from your skin.Skin can become tight, dry, patchy and sometimes dull due to all the cosy comforting cravings we love about winter – evening fires, hot showers and cosy woolly knits. Unfortunately all these luxurious winter comforts play havoc with our skin.

4 March 2018

Should you wear SPF in Winter?

It can be very easy in this small cold country to let your SPF slide in winter. But it’s a common misconception that we only need to apply sunscreen when the sun is out or when it’s hot. Unfortunately, the sun’s UV rays don’t shut off in the winter, although it may feel like it sometimes! Even when it’s dull, the silent killer UVA rays shine though.

3 March 2018

Hydrating Vs. Moisturising

The difference between a hydrator and a moisturiser is something therapists come across daily. People often think their skin is dry and that they need the richest cream possible to combat this – but nine out of ten times they are wrong. What to find out how to tell the difference? Here are a few ways to diagnose your skin and choose the correct skincare regime for you.

2 March 2018