A new Category is coming from Yon-Ka Paris and it is called “Age Exception”. It will be targeted mainly for the mature skin market but also for those wanting to slow down the ageing process. The first available product in the category is a serum called Cellular Code.

Cellular CodeCellular Code Serum is all about developing the life of the cells. Referred to as “Long Life Infusion Serum”, it is the latest breakthrough in the fundamental research on cellular ageing.  The human body is made up of billions of cells and the skin is the largest cell of all.  The skin cells function slows down with the ageing process causing damaged cell membranes, rarer skin capillaries, weaker defence against environmental assaults and reduced energy production.

Mature skin is thinner, rougher and looser and can very often have the sensation of being tight and dry.  Slackened tissues and loss of elasticity and suppleness – due to the breakdown in cells – gives the appearance of more visible wrinkles.  Very often the cell breakdown can cause an uneven skin tone, loss of radiance and slower skin healing.

Cellular Code is here to address this. The objective behind the development of this long life infusion serum, is that by protecting the cell we slow down the ageing process, by acting at the heart of the cells and their environment to prolong their vitality and reveal new youthfulness.   Cellular Code reprogrammes the skin’s youth code – resetting the ageing of the skin.

Although “Age Exception” is targeted mainly at mature skin (55+), Cellular Code can be used by women (30+) who don’t want to have to focus on correcting ageing skin in years to come. For younger skins, Cellular Code Serum can be used morning and evening after cleansing in conjunction with your regular day or night cream.

At the heart of this serum, based on the latest discoveries in fundamental research on cellular ageing, features Cell-Energy – the exclusive Yon-Ka complex showcasing natural active ingredients.

5 Actions of the Youth Code of Cell-Energy Complex:

  • Cellular communication – Cells need to communicate with one another to adapt and tend to specific needs. The lipoamonoacid is able to reactive the dialogue between the cells.
  • AGE EXCEPTIONDefense potential – Skin is exposed to everyday environmental aggressions. “sentinel” cells protect the skin but decrease over the years. Lipoaminoacid play a key role in protecting the sentinel cells, so skin will be in a better position to fight external effects
  • Cellular Oxygenation – Cells can’t store oxygen which is vital to skin cells to produce energy required for their metabolic needs. The garden nasturtium extract acts as a conductor and facilitates the cellular oxygenation
  • Cellular Energy – just like us cells need food to function. With age cellular energy decreases and functions more slowly. D-Ribose accelerates energy restoration.
  • Cellular Longevity (life span) – Lipoaminoacid acts on cells life span by boosting proteins at the heart of their survival and protecting the stem cells. Baicalin protects the genetic material of cells

Cell-Energy Complex allows cells to function optimally again. The skin is ready to receive anti-ageing products whose effectiveness will be maximized to the full potential. This fine silky serum which is paraben free, is rapidly absorbed into the very heart of cells and their environment to prolong vitality and reveal a new youthfulness.

The scent is developed by a nose – the top is citrus, the heart is floral and the base is woody – all in perfect harmony with the Yon-Ka Quintesence.  Who doesn’t want to reprogramme the skin’s youth code? Now you can, with Cellular Code Long Life Infusion Serum.  Contact your local Yon-Ka salon or spa for further details.

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