GENOSYS introduces its exclusive eye zone care kit.  Eye Rolling maximizes the result of growth factors, botanical stem cell extracts, and bio-peptides to improve dark circle, eye bag puffiness, and wrinkles.  In addition, it maximizes the absorption of active ingredients into the skin.


The Genosys Ultimate Eye Rejuvenation Kit includes:

  1. Genosys Eye Contour Serum (10 ml) ECS is an intensive serum made of growth factors, botanical stemcell extracts and bio-peptides, this formula helps optimize and improve the anti-aging effect for dark circles, eye bags and wrinkles with the dedicated eye roller for the combined use.
  2. Genosys Eye Contour Cream (15ml) ECC contains clinically proven growth factors, botanical stemcell extracts and bio-peptide. ECC can give you the best effect-reducing in the appearance of eye bags, dark circles and under eye puffiness.
  3. Genosys Eye Peptide Gel Patches (30 Applications / 60 Pieces) For calming and moisturizing the skin that went through various drematalogic procedures or natural aging. EPG Patch is developed with an innovative technology. This will improve the appearance of skin.
  4. Genosys Eye Roller (1 ea)   Eye rolling can signficantly boost the absorpotion of active ingredients of skincare products, as well as help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area. The Roller can stimulate the production of collagen and revive the appearance of eye bags.


GENOSYS products work on the concept of not only creating external treatments for aging but also working internally to instigate cell repair – leading to anti-ageing solutions that work internally and externally. These products help make the skin revived, repaired and ultimately regenerated for more youthful healthy skin.


Instructions for Professional Use:

  1. Eye Contour Serum: apply a thin layer of the product to the eye zone.
  2. Eye Gel Peptide Patch: open an Eye Gel Peptide Patch and closely attach it to around underneath the both eyes.  Leave it about 20 min or more and then remove and give light massage.
  3. Mini Eye Roller: Use this Eye Roller on the under eye, glabellar lines (lines on nose bridge), nasolabial folds (laughing lines).  As the areas around the eyes are sensitive, please pay extra care roll smoothly do not press aggressively.
  4. Eye Contour Cream: Finally, finish up with the Eye Contour Cream on the targeted area and gently tap with fingers.
For Professionals, purchasing the complete Eye Cell Kit gives you a great saving on these  products, rather than buying them individually and also lets you get started stimulating collagen production safely in this delicate eye area.