A new concept to induce collagen naturally within your skin

Innovative intradermal delivery system, active cosmetic ingredients penetrate to deeper dermis layer and stimulate collagen production by induce wound-healing procedure.

Generally speaking, the possibility of active ingredients to penetrate the epidermal barrier (stratum corneum) is approximately 0.3% per use, and due to the characteristics of cells such as keratinization, even this amount of active ingredient penetration cannot be expected all the time.

In order to remedy this, GENOSYS Roller has been developed after tremendous efforts, whereby the use of disk-needle rollers greatly increase the effective penetration rate of the dermis and epidermis by forging a new transcellular route to construct a new Transdermal Drug Delivery System idea.

Furthermore, GENOSYS Roller needling stimulates a natural wound healing of the dermis which it stimulates the natural production of collagen to maximize the recovery abilities of skin cells by reducing wrinkles and pigmentation and improving lifting and skin tone.

GENOSYS restores aged skin by stimulating the natural induction of collagen, much like during laser surgeries or peeling, and there are almost no side effects but rather increases skin thickness by approximately 8%, making it the ideal anti-aging skincare solution of the next generation.

Mechanism of Action

The Microneedles penetrate the epidermis and dermis layer of skin.  The needles will generate micro channels into the skin.  This gives a pathway for skin products to penetrate more easily, boosting their effectiveness massively.  These channels should close up within an hour.