Lu’Lur Body Products are a capsule range of Indonesian body rituals designed and developed by George and Vanessa Jilly inspired by 15 years of travel and Spa experiences in South East Asia. Lu’Lur use aromatic organic ingredients and each treatment is designed to be a complete body ritual, offering top to toe relaxation.  If you would like to be pampered like a princess and relieve the stresses of modern day life you will fall in love with these beautiful Lu’lur Body Products and  Lu’Lur body treatments!

Lu’lur is the luxurious pre-wedding ritual originating from the royal palaces of central Java. The term loosely translates to the Javanese ‘coating of the skin’. Our Lu’lur experience begins with a traditional Balinese massage to relax and soften prior to the coating of the skin. This is followed by the application of Lu’Lur Body Products Tumeric and Rice powder scrub enriched with Sandalwood and Jasmine, which exfoliates and infuses your senses with the sweet smelling aromas of south East Asia.

The Lu’lur body ritual continues with a Mandi Susu luxuriously aromatic creamy bath of rose petals and yoghurt. After the softening powers of the Lu’Lur Body Products Mandi Susu, the ritual is completed with a richly fragrant Lu’lur body moisturising and facial anointing of Lu’lur Tamanu and Jasmine oil.Give yourself time to experience this wonderfully nurturing treatment that is steeped in tradition.

Lu’Lur treatments are not only relaxing and enjoyable but have an extremely softening effect on your skin and are ideal treatments to have prior to going on holidays or using tanning products.