Avalon Juniper Pacifica treavel set
Pacifica Soy Candles

Our Pacifica range of soy candles are clean and made from natural vegetable soy wax which releases scent slowly and generously.  Pacifica’s signature fragrance blends with essential and natural oils.  Lead-free cotton wicks.  Long-burning.  Always phthalate-free.  The best candles in the world.

What’s in Pacifica?

  • Fragrance – Plant aromas and pure essential oils.  No phthalates or other known carcinogens. All of our fragrances pass the European Union’s (EU) stringent guidelines for safety.
  • Perfume – Natural pure grain alcohol.  Plant aromas and pure essential oils.
  • Body Butter – Paraben-free.  Natural shea butter, chamomile extract, safflower oil, almond oil, plant aromas and pure essential oils.  Luxurious, lasting moisture.
  • Candles – Clean burning.  Natural soy wax containers with lead-free cotton wicks.  Plant aromas and essential oils.

Pacifica natural soy candles are hand-made, safe, environmentally responsible and made from raw materials.