Depilflax WaxWe supply a highly successful range of waxing products to meet your professional waxing requirements.  This includes the Depilfax Cartridge Wax System – quick, clean, easy to use and really effective in a great selection of waxes including the latest in the range –  Gold.  This contains mica, a mineral ingredient which retains temperature well and helps open follicles ensuring hair is removed cleanly from the root.  This wax product Glides easily onto skin and leaves no residue.

Other waxing products include Hot wax slabs which are suitable for facial waxing, underarm or bikini line and are available in Chocolate, Rose & Gold.

We also stock Pot Wax Cans in 8 oz and 4 oz – these wax products can be used for bikini, underarm or facial waxing and are available in Azulene & Gold

We have a great selection of Pre- and Post-treatment waxing products and accessories.  Please click on the relevant link to find out more:

Wax Heater KitsRoll on Cartridges

Low Melting Point Wax – Depilatory TreatmentsWax Cans