Renaissance HouseAs the number one choice of skincare distributors here in Ireland, Renaissance Products work closely with professionals in education and innovation to ensure the very best skin health results are delivered to the consumer via our exceptional product ranges. Our critera when choosing a skincare line is focused on the quality of ingredients, the latest in research and development technology and results-driven products and treatments.


Renaissance Products believe that the ultimate basis for the success of any skincare range lies in education. We therefore place huge importance on training for our skincare professionals, constantly working to ensure all are fully educated and knowledgeable in regards to the products and treatments they are working with. Armed with this knowledge they in turn are able to provide the most up to date information and advice to their clients.

Marketing and Business Support

Renaissance Products also provide successful marketing plans and are constantly bringing out new promotions in order for you to keep your business attractive to your staff and your clients. Renaissance also provide business support plans (Renaissance Performance Package) hyperlink for you to be able to manage your skincare business professionally and profitably.

Advanced Technology

Renaissance Products is proud to have recently become market leaders in Ireland with cosmeceutical skincare. Cosmeceutical products offer a unique concept to the skincare industry and express the dual expectation of a skincare line to have a nice feel and smell, but with the medical effectiveness of a pharmaceutical grade product.

Our Mission Statement

Our products are exceptional, our vision simple: we strive always to exceed expectations, delivering exceptional customer service for our clients so that they may do the same for theirs.

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